Want to become a World Ice Skating Day organizer?

Kickstart the festivities

The excitement of World Ice Skating Day is spreading to 78+ countries! Bring the fun to your city and let kids enjoy gliding on ice and adults rekindle their spirit of play. To get started, fill out the Event Registration Form to gain the hosting rights granted by the ISU. And the rest steps are as follows:



Set your event in motion by registering yourself on our website.


Unlock confirmation

Once your credentials are validated, receive our seal of approval that will grant you the esteemed title of an official WISD event organizer.


Unleash the imagination

Once the gates of confirmation swing open, get exclusive access to our Event Ideas Guide - the ‘ICEBOX’ and the Brand Toolkit. Use them to plan your event!



While the WISD countdown ticks away, create a buzz around your event and capture the attention of countless participants.



When the first Sunday of December arrives, enjoy the WISD festival filled with joy, learning, and sportsmanship in your neighborhood, being part of a global movement.

WISD Guidelines Manual

Check out the WISD Manual to learn more about the registration procedures, planning tips and the amazing perks that await you.

Get inspired by previous organizers

Spark your imagination with our handpicked selection of five extraordinary events from the previous edition.

South Korea







Event organizer care package

Let us help you in nurturing curiosity for ice skating in your city and foster connections with diverse cultures from around the world. Our Brand Toolkit is at your disposal when you register as an organizer.

Any entity which is a local or national Ice Skating Federation/Association/Body, Ice Skating rinks, Ice Skating clubs, sports/event companies, or skating goods companies.

By filling out the 'Become an Organizer' form. Once the form is filled, the ISU shall have it validated and grant you the right to be a WISD organizer. Once validated, you will have access to the 'Organizer Care Package' and 'Event Ideas Guide' that contain the branding/marketing tools, ideas, and more.

There may be numerous aspiring event organizers who wish to host a World Ice Skating Day event in their country. Each application will be carefully reviewed by the ISU, which will grant the hosting rights to deserving organizers based on the authenticity of the provided details. There can be more than one WISD organizer per country.

Icebox: Guide to gliding to success

Here’s a guide that acts as an inspiration for the organizers looking to create magic on the ice with their World Ice Skating Day event. This guide also includes a checklist of things you might want to consider having for your event.

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