Nov 2022 • 5 mins read

Chinese Taipei join in to celebrate the first World Ice Skating Day

The Chinese Taipei Skating Union are delighted to be part of the ISU initiative- the first World Ice Skating Day ('WISD'). They have planned a day filled with fun activities and festivities for everyone to be a part of.

Place: The IceLand, Taipei Arena

Time: 8:30 am onwards

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The IceLand is an Olympic sized ice rink with a seating capacity of up to 400 people which is located at the second floor of the Taipei Arena. The IceLand has been the rink hosts for the  Chinese Taipei National Ice Skating Championships since 2005 and it was the practice rink of ISU Championships hosted in 2010, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively in Taipei City. It offers a variety of skating programs open to the public and it also hosts the Chinese Taipei Figure Skating Team and Short Track Speed Skating Team. Open Skate time is available seven days a week and daily during school vacation weeks. Elite ice skaters train at Close Skate time.So far, the IceLand is the only international standard size rink in Taiwan.

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Wei-Lin 'William' Tai was one of chosen skaters of the ISU Transition Program and competed with other elite speed skating athletes at 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. He was an inline skater before joining the ISU program and won three bronze medals in the junior categories at the 2015 Inline World Cup.

“ Speed Skating takes me one step closer to my Olympic dream. It means you can compete with the bests and I never thought one day I could become an Olympian”

William hopes to inspire more inline skaters to dare to dream and look for more possibilities. Now he is training at the Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake USA, to ready for the next Olympic cycle in 2026.

Tzu-HanTing is 16 years old and started to skate at international events in 2013. Before every ISU competition season kick-off, Ting travels between Taiwan and Canada for her figure skating training. She hopes she could be the first-ever figure skating athlete to compete at the Olympics.

“ The focus of world is on me when I am skating on ice. The moment arrives, you experience the greatest joy about figure skating”