Dec 2022 • 3 mins read

“Best World Ice Skating Day 2022”

On December 4th 2022, we head towards the very first World Ice Skating Day, a day dedicated to ice skating, during which our wonderful sports will be celebrated all over the world and at all levels – from beginner, amateur, competitive, casual to retired skaters. Our main goal is to make ice skating more diverse, inclusive and accessible and provide an opportunity for the next generation to try ice skating, inculcating a new passion, that shall further assist the development of our sports worldwide.

To thank the WISD organizers across the world for their valuable participation and support, the International Skating Union (ISU) will reward the “Best World Ice Skating Day 2022” action.

The WISD organizers will be assessed across two categories, and one winner will be announced per category. In addition, each winner will receive a prize money as indicated below:

  1. Best WISD Organizer (with less than 500 persons in attendance) – CHF 3000
  2. Best WISD Organizer (with more than 500 persons in attendance) – CHF 5000


To be eligible to participate and to have a chance to be crowned as the ‘Best World Ice Skating Day 2022’ organizer, you need to:                                                                                                     

  1. Be a rink / club / association / federation hosting WISD
  2. Offer programs / initiation sessions for the children / young adults
  3. Feature the WISD branding throughout your venue


HOW TO PARTICIPATE                    

Following the WISD on December 4, please submit the following information to :


  1. Detailed report of the WISD activities at your venue/ice rink/club with the following elements:
  • Overview of activities undertaken during your WISD event
  • Total number of attending participants
  • Usage of WISD Branding toolkit at your events
  • Promotional efforts undertaken
  • Advertisement and promotional activities through print media, social media, TV/Radio networks, collaboration with influencers / skaters / celebrities, etc.
  • Social media analytics and insights
  • Digital reach, likes, impressions, retweets, engagement rate, etc.
  • Creativity
  • Use of out of the box ideas to make your WISD stand out from the rest.
  • A video of the participants (skaters or general public) doing the #WISDance signature dance move shown below:
  • Google drive link to download the choreography: 

A short note on what made your WISD special.


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  1. A Dropbox / WeTransfer / Google Drive link containing the images and videos of your WISD
  1. IMPORTANT- Please provide all the above information to



  • January 27, 2023: Last date to submit your reports and images/videos folder
  • February 20, 2023: Announcement of the ‘Best WISD 2022’ Award winners


We look forward to celebrating with you, and moreover are super excited to receiving your entries for the “Best World Ice Skating Day 2022” Award !

For all social media related promotions, please use the following hashtags:  

#WorldIceSkatingDay, #WISD, #WISD2022, Do the #WISDance and #WorldIceSkatingDay2022