United States, Reston

Date : Dec 4, 2022 | Time : 9:00 AM

Venue : SkateQuest Arena

on December 4th we will be celebrating the day with Figure Skating & Hockey. We have a public skate planned with coaches giving out complimentary 10 minute lessons. in the lobby we will have a bake sale from one of our skaters who owns her own baking company & the pro shop will be having a sale for the day. We will also be supporting this day by having a used skate & dress sale in the lobby too. Another plus is that Ilia Malinin skates at our rink. The first skater to ever land a quad axel in competition. He will be here that day & his parents (who are also former Olympians, as well as my self). We also have SkateQuest logo magnets we will be giving out to any skater on the public skate. Lots of fun going on in our building. We are also hoping to get the local media involved & we will be posting on all of our social media sites about this exciting event!

Check out what's happening at the ice rink:

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