Hungary, Budapest

Date : Dec 4, 2022 | Time : 12:00 PM

Venue : Budapest Practice Rink

Our Federation is not preparing with only one special event for this day, instead we coordinate and harmonize the events of our clubs around the country and we will communicate that it in our social platforms. Beside this we are hosts of three international skating competitons (two in figure skating and ice and one in short track speed skating). On the day of the World Ice Skating Day, 4th of December will be the last day of the Santa Claus Cup featuring ice dancers , where we invite spectators for free, and we are promoting this on every one of our social platforms. Our special event in this month is that we are in cooperation with the Santa Claus Factory which is a charity initiation where people in need are given gifts in the spirit of Christmas. On the WISD we encourage our audience to contribute to this initiation as well alongside engaging in skating activities.

Check out what's happening at the ice rink:

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