France, Asnières sur Seine - Paris


Dec 4, 2022


9:00 PM


Patinoire Les Courtilles

As one of the oldest Club for Ice Dancing in France (85 years old in 2022), the CPAP is wishing to be part of this 1st World Skating Day. For more that 30 years, CPAP is present in the Courtilles rink close to Paris. This venue is ideal to reach and gather a large public, due to its proximity to public transportation. Our event, if it was to be approved, will allow all public to come and test the ice dance, in its basics or more advanded level. It consists in 1H lesson and 1H practice with our skaters. David Molina, ISU member, is knowing well CPAP and can make you acquainted with the spirit of our Club and the consistent wish to promote ice dance in any occasion.

Check out what's happening at the ice rink:

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