Estonia, Tallinn

Date : Dec 4, 2022 | Time : 9:00 AM

Venue : Tondiraba Ice hall

The aim is to connect the World Ice Skating Day with one of our figure skating competitions- ''Olympic Winter Cup 2022“. The competition is open for all Estonian clubs and there will take part 15 clubs with 192 participants from different cities of Estonia. Competition includes all level of skaters from different categories and ages. The competition shall end with beginner level skaters, who will not be judged. The aim is to let them feel that figure skating is fun and that their parents could enjoy their skating and the World Ice Skating Day. Competition will be held at the main rink of Tondiraba Ice hall, the rink where the European and 4CC 2021 were held. During the day at the practice rink there will be ice for public sessions. Skaters can go to the ice with their parents and friends. There will play music and a disco-ball. Time of the event: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm on 4th of December, 2022

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